2020 — The beautiful phase of mine!

This 2020, has brought lots of downturns and losses to each and every individual. Pre-pandemic (Jan to March) was the most happiest part of my life. I had to undergo a 3 month MBA Internship programme as a part of curriculum. I guess that was the best ever “transformation phases” that I could have ever witnessed in my life.

I did my marketing internship on a well reputed startup company. Initially I was so curious and was so eager to join only in this company. I applied for the internship and by God’s Grace I cleared the rounds and got selected for my internship. I was on cloud nine and literally felt that I have achieved something useful in my life.

The first day of my internship was on 6th January. As the workplace environment is completely new for me, I was so tensed as of how to approach people and how to communicate with them. So much of “What If” questions were running on my mind. But to the contrary, each and every member in the company treated me so well and at the end of the day my heart was fulfilled with happiness that I reached the right place!

My intern was on Social Media Marketing Domain. This is completely new for me. But my team members were so so helpful and their guidance taught me a lot of things. My team made me capable of do things punctually and creatively and that is where I realized that I can do it.

I was introduced to many new things and processes involved in social medi marketing. As time passed, I got moulded in a correct way and started to get adapted to company’s atmosphere. Yes, I made mistakes! But my team members patiently handled that and they made me learn and rectify from my mistakes.

We also went for a team lunch as planned; but we missed our team head as he was caught up with other requirements. I wish, he would have joined us! Because that was one of the best days ever in my internship. We as a team shared many things, got drowned in the ultimate taste of biriyani (LOL), clicked happy smiling selfies in hot sun and much more. Still now and forever this remains as an evergreen memory in my life!

We also had “Fun Fridays”, that was one of the best ever relaxation an employee could experience in his company. Different games were planned and all the office members participated and it was a complete power packed fun.

At the end of each month, we will have our town hall meeting were the CEO rounds up all the company activities for that month, achievements made and each team head has to present their progress for that particular month. Our CEO also rewards “Bravo of the month” which is one of the best motivating factors for the company growth and it also gives a stimulation for others to achieve that “bravo” hat.

Team meetings were an integral part of my internship. Everyday our team head will schedule a specific time and we will gather around and decide what are all the tasks that is yet to be implemented and what can be modified in existing methodology so that there is a progress. So much lessons learnt from this!

The saddest part that shook me was: the outbreak of corona that lead to the unexpected working lifestyle: “work from home”. I seriously got so attached with my teammates that i couldnt digest this fact! But due to the pandemic situation we were made to adopt this WFH lifestyle. There began the productivity of using Zoom Calls, Slack for communicating with your team etc and things went on smoothly due to the active cooperation of all members.

I extended my internship (month end of march till 2nd week of april) out of my own personal interest. I could’nt leave as I really loved the way I worked and my team members were highly supportive. Though this is not much big extension, each and everyday was valuable and interesting for me as I was unboxed to new set of things.

To end, this internship became a supreme starting point for my new learnings. Earlier (before joining the internship) I was an ordinary girl with some amount of learnings. But this internship was totally an outbreak for me where i witnessed that i could do this much and even more. All this was possible only because of my team and their endless valuable guidance. No words to express how much I got connected with my team both professionally and emotionally. Today I am confident and bold in grasping new learnings and it is all because of my team and the flexible atmosphere of the company. I would like to thank the CEO for giving this wonderful opportunity of interning with such an amazing team who completely showed a new dimension for my life.

To sum up my key learnings for my wholesome of life from my internship is: Curiosity to learn new things, out of box thinking, being a good team player, simplicity, treating each and everyone equally.

This is not made just for the sake of blog post. I have poured my heart out in each and every word that i have uttered. Though it has been more months me completing my internship, I still remember the lovable experience I had with my teammates and I promise that this internship experience shall definitely travel till the end of my life!!


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