2 min readMay 12, 2020


A message I would love to go back and tell my teacher!

School life is undoubtedly everyone's treasure. It is the place where we share happiness, no panicking about future, that small little crushes, that gang punishments with our friends and even more to love about. School is not just a place to learn, it is a place where an individual starts to create a foundation for his life.

Well, some of us would have faced difficulty in speaking English fluently. Our schools will make us to follow strictly to speak only in English. And the next difficult part comes in writing skills. Those annotations, essays, prose , poetry etc. I as a average student faced many difficulties in writing part. I mean that I always tend to fail to write innovatively. But somehow i managed to showcase my skills.

It was 9th standard I guess. A new English teacher was appointed to our class. I didn't think that she will be my eye-opener. The way she takes English class is so perfect and I would get inspired by her. Every single day I would keenly wait for her class to come. She transformed the entire way of teaching. She made us to write all the summaries, read all the lessons, and jot down important points from that.

She used to grade us out of 10. This is the one ultimate spark I got to motivate myself. Everytime I take up a dictionary, find out relative synonyms for a word and I make sure that my essay or summary looks so neat and perfect, crafted with beautiful words. This gave me a strong dose of self realization that I can achieve anything if I try hard.

Every day our school sends us a newspaper. I wrote a poem titled "My Mother". One day I wasn't aware , a friend of mine called me and showed that "Hey Shalini, your poem got published in today's newspaper". I was like literally Wowwwwwww and no words could explain my happiness.

I grabbed the paper and ran to my English teacher. She was so happy that my poem got published. Truly from the bottom of my heart, she was my true inspiration. From that moment I transformed myself and I began to write more. Her inspiration is still driving me to achieve more.

I wish I could see her one day. I'm truly blessed to have met such amazing personalities who molded my life. I love to go back and tell her " A great teacher literally inspires her students and you are that one of the greatest pillars I would forever love to lean upon" .

Finally I would end up with my favorite quote:

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future”.

— F. Sionil Jose