How to earn Brand Value and Traffic by using Quora and Quora Spaces — A Complete Guide.

Quora is one of the most popular and knowledge sharing Q&A platform which has about more than 300 million active users. High Professionalists, students, degree holders etc use quora actively to post questions and get some insightful solutions. Only if one has a subjective knowledge about a particular topic, he/she can answer in a professional manner.

Quora has grown tremendously and I’m loving it! From being a flexible Q&A platform to running monetized quora spaces, the development has been phenomenal. Many businesses are leveraging all the quora features and trying to gain more authenticity and high-quality traffic. The more views and upvotes your answer gets, quora rewards you by giving visibility and credibility.

The first supreme strategy for businesses to gain more traffic is to answer the “most relevant and trending questions related to your niche”. This is the greatest exposure for a business to gain high traffic to their website. To answer the most trending question, go to google and type the question; The first top three questions which appears on the search result are the most trending questions on quora. But it is important to note that you cannot answer a question which already has more number of answers. Choose questions such that has possibly 10–12 answers. When you try to write an answer, make sure it is long (possibly divided into paras) and your content must be unique when compared to other answers.

Another Quora Hack to get more visibility for your answer is choosing questions which has more views than followings. When a question is posted on quora, many users will follow that particular question and the question also gets more views. NOTE: A Question can also be followed by a user anonymously so it is highly recommended to check the views for that particular question. Here are the steps to follow:


Go to more → View Question Details. You will get these details (step 2). A question having 3.6k views is a good one to opt and answer. So these are some of the useful quora hacks to get more views for your question. Businesses must consistently keep searching for these type of questions to get more views, provided that question suits their niche.

Quora Answer Ranking System:

These are the criteria based on which quora ranks a particular answer:

The no.of upvotes and downvotes counts your credibility and how trustworthy your answer is; the previous answers written by that particular author(person); the content quality including words,images,links; whether that person is an expert in the subject and also monitoring of high upvotes for ranking first and also other signals.

Quora Space: A New Approach by Quora to Increase Engagement:

Quora Space is a new feature which is similar to a group we create on social media. A space can have a follower, contributor, moderator and admin. A Space can have a question, link and a written content. Businesses can leverage quora spaces based on their niche they want to focus on. Here are some useful tips by which businesses can use quora spaces to gain credibility and visibility:

  1. A business can create its own space based on their niche. But it must make people to follow in such a way that it must be useful. Once a quora space is started all the relevant details (space profile) must be completely filled in, which is very important to get noticed in quora search.
  2. One of the best tips to grow a space is by sharing or posting content consistently. The quora algorithm rewards this by giving an increase in followers.
  3. Do not add more self-promotional or out off links while you answer in quora. There are chances that quora might ban you for this. Let it be in a legible way.
  4. Post useful and quality content that educates your followers in your space. You can also turn your followers into contributors if they keep sharing consistent and good content. By doing this you give them more value and encouragement to share more to your space.
  5. Businesses can also add questions to their space as it gets more views. Write long form of posts with relevant images; however unnecessary content to lengthen up the post is not recommended.
  6. If your space gets more engagement and viewership you can apply to Quora Space Earnings Program, which is an added credibility for your business.
  7. Businesses can promote their space in other social media profiles which is a very good practice of earning more visibility.
  8. Do not explicitly ask for upvotes and shares, instead ask for feedback which you can use to improve more.

Quora is undoubtedly the most sought after platform for all businesses. Because millions of people have smart phones and accessibility to internet. Mobile marketing is gaining momentum and that is where the power of quora lies. According to a statistic, many people land on quora via google searches. If there is more consistency and an applied strategy to quora marketing, businesses shall surely fetch out the best results and authentic brand value.



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