Simple Tips To Stay Happy and Productive In This Quarantine!

  1. Choose a convenient place for you to work. Do not utilize all the spaces in your home and do not make it a mess.
  2. Have a small walk in your terrace by hearing pleasant music. It instantly changes your mood and refreshes your mind.
  3. Apart from working, invest yourself in venturing out new things. It may be anything which you would love to do in this quarantine. Make sure it is useful for you.
  4. Water your plants or go for a walk along with your pets(if you have)in the morning. It will definitely give you a sense of happy feeling and good satisfaction.
  5. Try to do some workouts in your free time. Let it not be complex or which strains your body. Instead do simple and fit exercises which makes you feel energetic.
  6. In this quarantine period, some may feel stressed too. Practicing Yoga or Meditation will definitely pacify your soul and gives clarity to your mind.
  7. Make video calls for your long distance best friends, relatives etc atleast twice a week. Speak the heart out with them and stay connected.
  8. Do not get immersed in your work life completely. Have a fixed routine for your work and spend happy times with your family. A Balanced Life is an Elated Life!
  9. Learning simple life hacks and trying it out boosts you to explore even more. So try to figure out simple tips and tricks by searching in the Internet (on whatever topic it may be) and implement them. People around you will really feel happy when you do this!
  10. Always surround yourself with positive thoughts, which is already a halfway path to serenity. Shower the warmth of love to your parents, help them and stay happy!



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