The Man Who Created A Social Media Revolution!

Hashtags are truly game-changer and trendsetters in social media platforms these days.

They are the Life-blood because of which social media platforms could exist these days.

To make an issue go viral, share any sensational news, or whatever might be the objective, hashtags can create a big revolution overnight.

We speak, talk, and learn about hashtags every day.

Every brand is highly successful in social media because of its wise hashtag strategy.

But who invented hashtags? Any guesses?

It was invented by Chris Messina, a product designer who has been working in Silicon Valley for more than a decade.

Chris Messina — Hashtag Inventor

He pitched the concept of using the hashtag to Twitter first, but the platform rejected it saying it was “nerdy”.

But later Chris suggested his friend add a ‘#’ before the tweetable word (#sandiegofire). That was the spark and everyone on the platform started using it and became highly viral.

Finally, Twitter incorporated the hashtag strategy, followed by Instagram and Facebook.

Chris Messina says that “I didn’t create this idea for Twitter, I created this idea for the Internet and I wanted anybody who could write text on the Internet to be able to participate in global conversations.

And now nobody can even think of using social media without a hashtag!



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