The Top 10 Freaky Content Mistakes That Kills Your Organic Growth!

The Ultimate goal of every business is to have a long lasting impression on their social media platforms and to gain a “loyal and an engaging fan base”. But there are some impediments that hinder the growth of the brands on social media. Yes! It is the “content mistake” which obstructs the strong presence of brands among their target audience.

One of the biggest content marketing mistakes is not persisting at content creation. Play the game” — Jeff Bullas. As this inspiring quote by Jeff clearly states, the main root of content mistake happens when you plan the content. So if the seed (content) is not watered properly, definitely it gets withered and you cannot branch your success at any cost.

Identifying “what not to do” is also an important part of content strategy. So here comes the top 10 freaky content mistakes that kills your organic marketing strategy, so it is better to avoid:

  1. Posting consistent content which ‘you’ like rather than what your ‘audience’ need really. As a brand you should expound values to your audience and should not only focus on selling/sales.

These are the top 10 tips to avoid if you want to achieve high organic growth. Remember that our mistakes should teach us a lesson, if not it is a mistake wasted.



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