The Top Performing Content Types For Social Media Platforms in 2020— Updated:

6 min readNov 5, 2020

Every social media platform is overloaded with different forms of content. People consume thousands of data on a daily basis, so your content must not become a heavy stone floating in the sea.

Each platform has its own best performing content types; marketers need to figure out the best types of content that is applicable for each platform. So let’s dive deep and explore the top performing content types for each social media platform.

LinkedIn Content Types:

Text based content (long-form) works very well as it triggers the audience to read your posts.

So place the “engaging hook” in your first three lines of your post to get more impressions.

Including relevant hashtags in between your words increases the visibility.

Eg: A little bit of #designthinking and a lot of focus. That’s the key to a #product that helps users. Craft a #ux that flows well from one section to another..etc

Tagging people : You can tag highly relevant thought leaders in your niche and ask them to comment their opinion in your posts.

For example, if you publish a post like “Top Strategies for Influencer Marketing” (as a text post), you can tag a famous influencer and ask him/her to comment their opinion on your post, which makes your audience think that you have a unique brand image.

You can come up with post ideas that drive more conversations in comments. Netflix has posted an interesting question which would highly encourage their followers to comment.

Eg: “Providing constructive feedback to a manager isn’t always easy. When was a time when you had to give feedback to your manager? How did you go about doing it”?

Most favorable content on Linkedin is Videos, followed by text posts and then images. Videos can be short and crisp with highlighted titles and captions.

External links will not be ranked in LinkedIn according to its algorithm. So any link which gets directed outside linkedin will not get higher visibility. So place your link in the comments section.

Adding posts related to company culture gains more credibility and authenticity.

LinkedIn Stories is an exclusive new update with which you can leverage your presence even more strongly.

Using hashtags a maximum of 3 to 5 will make your posts look very neat and structured.

Twitter Content Types:

Tagging top influencers in your twitter posts gives you more impressions and retweets.

Text-only posts gains more attention. Also asking people to retweet your content(not so frequently) makes your content shareable.

Videos gain good traction in twitter. Also images and gifs with good content is highly appreciable.

Content like “How-to” posts and Tutorials gain more retweets than normal images, because people tend to share the content which educates them and gives them a new exposure.

Commenting on influencer posts relevant to your niche is very important. Though they share their own articles, it’s highly encouraged to give some insights on those posts.

There’s also a “pinned tweet” feature. Choose a top performing post and anyone who looks at your twitter profile will be able to see it. If you have a blog or website this is a great way to drive traffic.

Also sharing other people’s useful content in your profile helps in creating mutual relationships.

Incorporate the usage of Twitter Threads in your content strategy. Twitter threads means long-form of tweets or connected tweets.

You can use Twitter threads to give a sneak-peak of your blog posts, tell an interesting story, providing useful tips etc.

Twitter is highly famous for its hashtags. So use the trending hashtags and do not use more than 3 hashtags per post.

When you post a blog in twitter, design an attractive website card for your blog which grabs your audience attention, eventually leading to more clicks.

Instagram Content Types:

Try to add call-to-action in your images or videos because there is a less probability that people may or may not read your captions.

Instagram Reels and IGTV Videos is definitely the “must use” content type, as the platform is currently encouraging videos to get maximum reach.

There are chances that when you use the most popular hashtags (eg: 1M posts for #blog),your content might get lost due to more number of followings for that hashtag.

So it is better to use hashtags which have decent number of followings and also which covers your niche market.

Post atleast 3 to 4 stories per day to keep your audience highly engaged. Tag your location and use hashtags(min of 3) in your stories and also save the most important stories as “highlights.”

Use the Instagram Live feature possibly once in a week, so there are chances to increase the interaction between you and your audience.

Instagram users don’t prefer the formal way of speaking, instead they would prefer it to be conversational.

Do not spam with more hashtags in the caption as followers might feel uninterested.

On the whole, the key takeaways are to use proper hashtags which makes your post optimized and always having a sense of personal touch in your captions which makes people to engage more with you.

Pinterest Content Types:

Basically Pinterest has pins on various topics like Products, Recipes, Infographics, DIY, Tutorials…

To optimize your content on pinterest, the size of the image must be vertical (highly recommended). Because Pinterest takes only vertical pins as the first priority.

Since pinterest encourages more attractive images in the feed, the text on that image must be highly eye-catchy, attractive and to the point.

Pinterest algorithm tends to show pins that lead to blog posts, pages with valuable information and also attractive images.

Hashtags in pinterest can be added at the end of the description. If you place the hashtags on top, there are chances that readers might skip over to other pages as it does not give a proper structured feel.

Pinterest has started encouraging the usage of “video pins”, so incorporate video pins in your content marketing strategy.

Explore what is trending on Pinterest and make pins relevant to that(if that suits your niche).

Facebook Content Types:

Videos rank the highest priority on Facebook, followed by images and then links.

The ultimate content type that ranks the highest on Facebook is Videos. So use facebook live feature to skyrocket interactions, apply strategies to use watch party feature for your business to boost organic reach.

Content which tends to be more inspirational and motivational gains more engagement.

Do not explicitly ask for likes, comments or shares in your post. Facebook can detect that and decrease your reach. Instead post content which naturally drives your audience to interact with you.

Adding emoji to your posts gives the chances of increasing likes, shares and comments as it gives a more personal and casual feel of interaction.

Adding more hashtags in facebook lowers engagement. According to experts, adding a max of one or two hashtags drives in more interactions; atmost 2 to 5 hashtags can be added.

Using industry specific hashtags or using niche relevant hashtags is helpful!

Reddit Content Types:

The ultimate content strategy to succeed on reddit is to deliver the best values to your audience through your content.

Choose relevant sub-reddits according to your niche. Do not immediately start self-promoting yourself or your business as you will get banned if it violates the sub-reddit rules.

Give more value by commenting on subreddit’s posts. You will get more upvotes, but genuinely comment such that your answer helps in solving people’s problems.

You must earn more “karma” in reddit. Karma is the number of upvotes which you get in reddit for your comments and also upvotes which you get for your own post.

Questions asked in subreddits tend to get more upvotes. External links drives huge traffic in reddit which is completely beneficial for marketers to increase traffic. Make a strategy as of where and how to place your links.

As other platforms, reddit also highly supports eye-catchy and trendy images, gifs and videos.

The only thing you need to remember is to follow the rules of subreddit. Also you cannot create fake links or clickbaits to drive traffic, as subreddits use auto-moderators or bots which will remove your post completely.


So here’s detailed guide on how to create top performing content on each social media platform . Marketers must truly understand the basics of creating a channel-wise content strategy for their business.

Therefore before creating a content strategy for a specific platform, take a look at its best content performing types inorder to get more organic engagement.